Finally, get a world-class cycling coach to help clarify your goals, create a plan, and help you stick with it.

Why hire a 1-on-1 coach? 

  • You will receive a personalized plan built around your goals 
  • You can make the most of your time
  • Accountability with weekly check-ins 
  • Change and adapt the plan as you go 
  • Set up benchmarks to keep motivated and gain momentum
  • Take out the guesswork and have an expert in your corner

This is for you if:

 ✅ You are training for a specific goal or event

 ✅ You've hit a training plateau and want to see gains 

 ✅Want to learn more about training from a scientific, whole body perspective 

 ✅ Want to improve your FTP and endurance

 ✅ Want to get faster!

Coaching that fits your life.


This is not a one size fits all program. You will have a video orientation with your coach, and work with them directly to set your goals, outline a "game plan" and adapt to your life. 

Custom Training Plan

You will receive a custom built training plan from your coach that is specifically designed for you and your goals, hosted on TrainingPeaks. 

Check Ins With Your Coach

Weekly check-ins with your coach encourage accountability as well as any adjustments or changes that need to be made to the training plan. 

Free TrainingPeaks Account

We use TrainingPeaks to deliver your training plans, so you can view all your workouts, see what's ahead and track your progress. You'll receive a premium account ($19/month value) for free with coaching. 

Feedback and Analysis

Your coach will review your rides, provide feedback and check in on your progress. Color-coded workout cards show exactly how close you are to completing every planned workout. 

Reach Your Goals

Your success is our business. We want you to reach your goals and will do what it takes to get you there. When you do, we'll be celebrating with you!


Your custom programming will also include a FREE Dynamic Cyclist Membership ($10/month value). This includes access to our daily stretching videos, strength training, injury prevention and more! These programs will be integrated with your plan to provide comprehensive recovery programming.

Meet Your Coach - Cory 

Cory has been coaching for over 20 years and has worked with hundreds, if not thousands of athletes through both online one-on-one coaching and local sport clubs. His favourite thing about coaching is helping athletes navigate the daily pitfalls that get in the way of consistent training.

Not only is Cory a coach, but he is an athlete as well, so he knows first-hand the challenges of training while also having a full-time job, a family, and all those other life commitments. He has also made 20 years worth of mistakes - so you don’t have to! 

Cory has an Honors Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology and uses his extensive knowledge and experience to help his athletes understand the “why” behind training principles and techniques. He is also a certified triathlon coach, indoor cycling instructor, and the head coach of the Kelowna Triathlon Club. 

A leader in the local triathlon and cycling community, we are so excited to have Cory on the Dynamic Cyclist team. As a coach he will help you to set goals, provide you the keys for success, and guide you every step of the way. 

"Many coaches may view their proudest accomplishment as a high-level performance achievement by their best athlete. I have helped many athletes reach a very high level of performance in their sport and achieve provincial, national and even world championship placements. But for me the main challenge and satisfaction always lives in the journey of training for the event, rather than the actual event or performance itself. Being a small part of an athlete's journey and sharing in their success and feelings of personal accomplishment is by far the thing I find most rewarding as a coach."



Once you sign up below you will be redirected to an intake form and you will book your call with Coach Cory. There is a default 10 day trial to account for setup time, but this can be extended so you are not charged your first month's fee until you actually start you custom training plan.

If you decide coaching isn't for you after your call with Cory, you can cancel and never be charged. 

No Setup Fee, No Minimum Commitment 


Frequently Asked Questions

No, our coach will adapt to the tools you have and is capable of building an effective training program using just you and your bike! That being said, the more data we have to work with, the more we can analyze workouts and progress. 

Yes! Our coaching is on a month to month basis with no hidden contracts or fees. We also have a 30 day money back guarantee in case it's just not a good fit for you. 

Once you are past your first month, we ask at least 1 week notice ahead of cancellation to allow time to end payment and programming on your account. 

As much as we hope injury doesn't occur, things happen. If you suffer an injury, or find life gets too busy and you need to freeze your account, just give your Coach at least 1 week notice and they can freeze payment and programming on your up to 6 months. After 6 months, we will check in with you and either resume training, or cancel the account. 

Absolutely! Whether you're a complete beginner or have been riding for years, you can always have goals and see improvement - no need for a race!

This will vary greatly depending on your goals, but we understand that most of us are strapped for time! One of the most valuable things about having a coach is they will build the plan to fit your life. This is what sets coaching above a "one size fits all" training plan. Your coach will also adapt your training week to week to allow room for all the things that come up in life. 

Remote coaching has become highly effective with the use of online tools like TrainingPeaks and Zoom. Upon signing up, you will schedule in a Zoom call for your initial orientation with your coach. You will receive your workouts at least 1 week in advance, and will have weekly phone or email check ins with your coach. 

You will be taken to a calendar to select a date and time that works for your call with Cory. This is a no obligation call so you can see if 1:1 coaching would be a good fit for you!  


We offer a simple, 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. 
If you're unhappy with the coaching or decide it's not for you, simply email us, and we'll refund you the first month's charge. 

1-On-1 Coaching

189USD / Month

✔️ No obligation call with Coach Cory to see if it's a good fit for you

✔️ Risk free setup & trial

✔️ Cycling Coach with 20+ years experience

✔️ Custom Training Plan With Monthly Adjustments 

✔️ Weekly Check-In Via Phone, Video, or Email With Workout Analysis 

✔️ Premium TrainingPeaks Account ($19/month value)

✔️ BONUS - Free access to Dynamic Cyclist Mobility and Strength programming ($10/month value)

Chat With Coach Cory About 1-1 Coaching

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