Are You Still Riding With Pain?

Here’s what most cyclists don’t know that's keeping them from riding better, longer & faster

Finally, a cycling-specific program that helps increase your flexibility for better on-bike performance

You’re probably not a physiotherapist. Or an athletic therapist. Or a personal trainer. 

But we are.

We are also cyclists.

Like you, we struggled to make stretching a daily priority. We knew if we did that we would:

✅ Be able to bend further and get lower on the bike

✅ Have increased aerodynamics for a faster, more efficient ride

✅ Stop eating the dust of other cyclists

✅ Get back our sense of pride from riding longer, farther, and harder

✅ Become fitter and reduce the risk of injury

✅ Enjoy the ride again

So we decided to pool all our expertise and create a program that would help keep us accountable and on track.

Like having a physiotherapist in your pocket 24/7— but a lot less expensive.

The key to fixing muscle imbalances is something we call “The Sequential Method” which is the order in which each exercise is done.

To lengthen your muscles properly, you need to stretch them in the right order. Concentrating on one muscle before the other can actually make those muscle imbalances worse, rather than better.

Even though you might know many of the stretches in our program, with our guided instructions, created by certified professionals, you never have to worry that:

  • You’re doing them in the wrong order
  • You’re doing them for the wrong amount of time
  • You’re doing too much
  • Or doing too little

Our unique sequential method targets the muscles prone to adaptive shortening for cyclists, especially the psoas, with daily routines to correctly and safely lengthen your muscles.

The fool-proof way to make stretching part of your daily routine

We take all the unknowns out of your stretching routine—and replace them with a program that will keep you on track.

And it’s all accessible to you 24/7 with easy-to-follow, no-nonsense routines that track your progress over time.

It’s as easy as:

  1. Click play
  2. Follow along
  3. You’re done!

Designed for cyclists. By cyclists.

Finally, a program built specifically for you to ride pain free.


Develops and maintains a healthy range of motion through a combination of static stretches and dynamic movements. 

What you get: 

  • A new routine every single day
  • 20 minutes each
  • +30 extra routines for maintaining


Become a Dynamic Cyclist member today and we’ll also give you access to an additional 5 comprehensive programs + EXTRA content

Not only will you have access to a new stretching & mobility routine every single day of the year…

There are FIVE other complete programs included with your membership + new bonus content added weekly and monthly.


Addresses the most common injuries for cyclists through a combination of mobility and strength training.

Average Routine Duration: 20 minutes

Includes 6 programs:

  • Low Back (58 workout routines)
  • Knee (44 workout routines)
  • Pelvic Tilt (44 workout routines)
  • Hip (44 workout routines)
  • ITB (7 workout routines)
  • Foot (5 workout routines)


Corrects muscle imbalances and strengthens supporting muscles so you can ride pain free.

Average Routine Duration: 30 minutes

Includes 3 programs:

  • Intermediate Program (36 workout routines)
  • Advanced Program (36 workout routines)
  • Body Weight Mini Series - Choose from either the core focus routine or the whole body routine. (5 videos)


We’re constantly adding new things to our library. With your membership, you get access to all EXTRA BONUS content, including:

  • Pre-Ride Warm Up (1 routine)
  • Yoga For Cyclists (13 routines)
  • Long Form Recovery (2 routines)
  • Pilates For Cyclists (Ongoing live classes)
  • + more content added regularly!


Improves overall cycling endurance, increases power and will help you master riding efficiency.

Average Training Time Per Week: 7 hours

Includes 4 programs:

  • Beginner - 8 weeks (56 routines)
  • Endurance - 8 weeks (42 routines)
  • Gran Fondo - 8 weeks (54 routines)
  • Master The Climb - 4 weeks (24 routines)


Helps you release tension in your muscles and aids in a quicker recovery.

Average Duration Of Each Series: 20 minutes

Includes 2 programs:

  • The Foam Roller Series (9 exercises)
  • The Massage Ball Series (7 exercises)


Helps you feel confident and strong on the bike by teaching you the skills you need to know with drills to help you improve and implement those skills.

Average Lesson Duration: 10 minutes

Includes 6 courses:

  • Climbing (7 videos)
  • Pedaling Technique & Cadence (8 videos, 3 drills)
  • Clipping In (3 videos, 1 drill)
  • Cornering (6 videos, 2 drills)
  • Stopping (5 videos, 3 drills)
  • Confidence on the Road (4 videos, 3 drills)

For less than a dime a routine, you’ll get:

  • 882 routines & lessons
  • 289 hours of training/guided content (and growing!)
  • 20 minute average routine length
  • 6 complete programs
  • + new content added weekly and monthly

Impressive transitions from cyclists across the world

Brad T.

(Member for 8 months)



❌ Couldn’t get low on the bike

❌ Tight hamstrings and hips
limited training sessions



✔️ Completed the Australian 3 Peaks Challenge (a 13 hour, 235km race
with 4,500m ascent)

✔️ Puts more hours into riding
and training


"I had very tight quads and what was probably a lot of muscle imbalances in my legs and back caused by too much riding and not a lot of anything else. I've been using the programming pretty much daily and looking back, I've made a massive improvement in my level of flexibility. I recover faster, feel fitter, can last longer and as a result my mood is much better.” - Brad.

Anders F.

(Member for 2+ years)



❌ Back tightened up too quickly
for long rides

❌ Needed multiple recovery days
between rides



✔️ Doesn’t feel discomfort on long rides
(+200 km)

✔️ Spends more time riding
than recovering


“The best part is not having to worry whether I'm even doing the right thing! All I have to do is show up once a day and follow along, with the confidence that the stretching routine is designed by people who know what they're talking about, leaving me to focus my mental energy elsewhere!  But what I really love is how easy it is to do - crank up the iPad, roll out the mat, do what you are told for 20 minutes - job done.” - Anders.

Mark W.

United States
(Member for 1.5 years)



❌ Couldn’t maintain a neutral spine
using the drops

❌ Knees hurt from
tight hamstrings



✔️ Increased average speed
on daily ride

✔️ No stiffness in the mornings
or after rides


“If I have to think about this stuff, it won't happen. And if I have too many choices as to what to do, I will spend more time trying to decide than exercising. Instead, I can get up, launch the site, resume my course and follow along. The routines are engaging, the right length and not overly technical. They have been key to enabling me to incorporate stretching into my daily routine - and that is what has enabled me to keep on top of my performance.” - Mark

Take a 7 day test ride—for free.

With the 7 day FREE trial, you will have access to ALL Dynamic Cyclist content:

☑️ 395 stretching & mobility routines

☑️ 202 injury & recovery routines

☑️ 4 cyclist training plans

☑️ 2 strength training programs

☑️ 2 bodyweight mini series strength programs

☑️ 2 roll and release programs

☑️ 6 skills courses

☑️ BONUS content added weekly & monthly

If, for any reason, after checking out all this content, you decide you don’t want our team of professionals to guide you back to better mobility, simply cancel your membership before the 7 day free trial is up.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
Cancel Anytime, No Questions Asked & No Cancellation Fees

Even if you forget to cancel or for whatever reason you don’t feel like every part of your body is performing better on the bike, simply send us an email and we’ll refund your last month’s payment right away, no questions asked.


Dynamic Cyclist began in 2017 with the creation of our daily stretching and mobility program. Our team has grown over the past 3 years as we have worked with our members to provide ongoing injury prevention and training specific for cyclists, as well as strength training and on the bike training plans. 

Our team is based in Kelowna, BC, Canada and is made up of a small group of athletic therapists, coaches, and weekend warriors who want to ride pain free!

Meet Stephanie - Certified Athletic Therapist, CAT(C)

Stephanie has a Bachelor in Physical Health and Education as well as a Bachelor in Applied Health Sciences. She's been a certified Athletic therapist for 6 years. Her deep understanding of the body and her ability to clearly explain things is what made her perfect fit for our team. 

Meet Alisha - Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

Alisha is a Certified Personal Trainer and coach with Dynamic Cyclist. She works  with athletes in a variety of sports to build functional strength and stability. You'll see her leading you through the strength training routines as well as some of the mobility routines. 

Meet Cory - Dynamic Cyclist Coach

Cory has an Honors Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology and uses his extensive knowledge and experience to help his athletes understand the “why” behind training principles and techniques. He brings over 20 years of training experience to the team, and offers 1-on1 coaching to our members. 

Meet Jasper - Dynamic Cyclist Coach

Jasper has been one of Canada’s most reputable endurance athletes for the past two decades.  He brings over twenty five years of real life experience to the programs he creates and delivers them within a structure that is easy to understand and makes sense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting immediately after you sign up, you’ll be given access to ALL programming in your membership account. You can access it anytime on any device—your phone, laptop or computer through the Dynamic Cyclist website or by downloading the Kajabi content manager app. All you have to do is show up, click play, and follow along.

For the Stretching & Mobility Program, you will need:

  • A yoga mat
  • 2 yoga blocks (books work too!)
  • A pole (or broomstick)
  • A strap (or belt)
  • A foam roller
  • A massage or tennis ball

For the Strength Programs, you will need:

  • A set of dumbbells (2-15 lbs)
  • A set of mini bands
  • A bench (or something you can step up onto)

The Stretching & Mobility Program includes 12 months of content; however, there are 5 other programs ranging from a few days up to 3 months each. Plus there is new content added regularly so you will always be able to continue progressing and building on what you've already done.

Dynamic Cyclist is for you—if you:

  • Suffer from weak/tight hamstrings, hip flexors, or quads...

  • Want to get rid of knee, hip and lower back pain...

  • Need to correct muscle imbalances and pelvic tilt...

  • Are tired of being held back by a limited range of motion...

  • Want to sit more comfortably on your bike...

  • Don’t have the time or expertise to create effective routines...

  • Aren’t sure what and how to stretch for better performance on your bike...

  • Need a structured program to hold you accountable...

  • Struggle to make stretching part of your daily routine...

  • Want to ENJOY riding your bike for years to come...

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Spend less time thinking about what to do—and more time in the saddle—using our unique sequential method for a better, faster, longer ride.




Daily stretching & mobility routines

20 minute average routine length

6 full programs including: injury, mobility, strength, recovery, training, & skills

 ✔ 289 hours of training/guided content

 ✔ Instant 24/7 access

 ✔ 100% money-back guarantee

✔ 7 Day FREE Trial

✔ No membership price increases—ever!

✔ 30% savings compared to monthly membership

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✔ Daily stretching & mobility routines

✔ 20 minute average routine length

✔ 6 full programs including: injury, mobility, strength, recovery, training, & skills

 ✔ 289 hours of training/guided content

 ✔ Instant 24/7 access

 ✔ 100% money-back guarantee

✔ 7 Day FREE Trial

✔ No membership price increases—ever!

Yes—I Want To Ride Pain Free!

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After your trial, membership is either $9.99/month or $85/year. No contracts or cancellation fees.