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As a cyclist, you know how important it is to maintain your bike and keep it in top condition. But what about your body? Maintaining your mobility and flexibility is just as crucial for achieving your best performance and avoiding injury. 

Bottom line, you can spend $1000s on a bike and all the right gear, but if your muscles are imbalanced, you will never reach your full potential on the bike. In fact, you are at risk of injury, if not riding with pain already. Targeted dynamic movement, strengthening and stretching have been proven to eliminate knee and back pain, accelerate recovery, restore a healthy range of motion and increase power.

The problem with cycling is...

Cycling is a repetitive motion that can lead to muscle imbalances and tightness, especially in the hips, lower back, and shoulders.

Our muscles are the engine by which we move, impacting every aspect of our bodies whether we realize it or not. Unfortunately, muscles do not naturally maintain their healthy or ideal range of motion on their own. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Muscles will change their functional resting length to adapt to the length at which they are habitually used or positioned.


Do you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or driving? 

As a culture we are spending more and more time sitting, which can result in weak hamstrings and glutes, with tight quads and hip flexors. This combination causes a rounded-forward posture with an anterior pelvic tilt. Unfortunately, time spent on the bike is more time in this hunched over position, which can make the problem worse. Not only will shortened muscles impact your efficiency, comfort, and aerodynamics on the bike, but they will eventually lead to injury.

By incorporating stretching and mobility exercises into your routine, you'll be able to improve your range of motion, prevent injury, and perform at your best.

Stop treating the symptoms, fix the root of the issue.

Adaptive shortening is muscle tightness caused by a muscle being forced to remain in a shortened position for a prolonged period of time. Whether it be on a bike, in a desk chair, or on the couch, the cumulative time spent in these positions have real consequences on muscle structure.

This shortening causes a reduced range of motion, a feeling of tightness in the muscles, and added stress on the connected tendons. However, most symptoms will not show up until the muscle has already shortened a significant amount. The results are postural distortion and the replacing of normal contractile elements with non-contractile tissue. 

The Untapped Power of the Hamstrings

An example common to most cyclists is tight and weak hamstrings. Running down the back of your leg, the hamstrings start at your hips and cross behind the knee joint. Their main job–extend the hip and flex the knee, two of the most important movements in the cycling motion. The upper portion of the hamstring plays a role in the down stroke, and the lower part is active in the up stroke. The muscle is affected in the following ways:

  • The upper section of the hamstring muscles attached at the hip can become loose and weak.
  • The lower section crossing behind the knee remains bent, and never fully extends. This is the portion that will become shortened and tight over time.
  • The combination leads to muscle imbalance between the two ends of the muscles, which leads to chronically tight quads,  stress, strain, and even serious injury, most common in the knee or lower back.

Your body will naturally try to keep muscles balanced on both sides by providing equal muscular support, but adaptive shortening prevents this from happening. As one end of a muscle loosens, the other end can become more and more shortened.

Finally, a cycling-specific program that helps increase your mobility for better on-bike performance.

You’re probably not a physiotherapist. Or an athletic therapist. Or a personal trainer. 

But we are.

We are also cyclists.

Like you, we struggled to make stretching a daily priority. We knew if we did that we would:

✅ Be able to do long rides without low back pain

✅ Have increased aerodynamics for a faster, more efficient posture

✅ Stop getting dropped

✅ Get back our sense of pride from riding longer, farther, and harder

✅ Become fitter and reduce the risk of injury

✅ Enjoy riding again

So we decided to pool all our expertise and create a program that would help keep us accountable and on track.

Daily Stretching & Mobility 

Daily 15-20 minutes routines that correct common muscle imbalances for cyclists. Take the guesswork out of recovery and just click play. 

Targeted Strength Training

Targeted and efficient  routines that correct muscle imbalance, improve joint stability, and improve power output on the bike. 

Injury Prevention & Treatment

Combined mobility and strength routines designed to prevent and treat common cycling injuries. Programs for: low back, knee, hip, and ankle. 

Designed for Cyclists

Make the most of your limited time and do routines designed specifically for cyclists - so you can spend more time out riding. 

Like having a physiotherapist in your pocket 24/7— but a lot less expensive.

Unlock your full potential on the bike with our daily programming, designed and led by industry professionals. Our comprehensive program includes daily stretching and strength training routines, injury prevention strategies, and much more, all tailored to the specific needs of cyclists. Our content is developed by certified physiotherapists and sports therapists to ensure you receive the most effective program. Consistency is key when it comes to mobility and strength, and our program provides you with the tools to make it easy to stay on track and experience real progress in just 4 weeks. 

  • Access over 1,500 mobility and strength routines from the web, your phone, tablet or TV. 
  • Expertly programming routines that target the most important areas and make the most of your time. 
  • Trusted by cyclists in 100+ countries arounds the world. 
  • Sign up and get 7 days free. Cancel anytime, no commitment of fees EVER.

What our members are saying:

Pablo C.

Since doing the mobility program I have noticed big improvements and no longer have low back pain. I have even been able to increase my average speed on my daily ride, have not felt any discomfort on long rides (+200km) and overall my body feels better!

Artur M.

This program is not just great for cycling- it is great for all daily activities! I love to do the routines every morning after wake up, I don’t need to think what to do, I don’t need to think if I am doing too much or not enough. I no longer have nagging pain and I don’t feel any pain after long ride on the bike - that's a great feeling!


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  • 7 Day free trial
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