Boost your speed, strength, and endurance!


Accelerate Recovery

Stretching reduces muscle soreness and stiffness by increasing blood flow, delivering more nutrients to your muscles and removing lactic acid and metabolites. Stretching also promotes whole body relaxation; boosting recovery, rejuvenation and adaptation by increasing the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system after exercise.

Ride Pain Free

Everything in the body is connected, and as cyclists we demand a lot from our muscles, joints and ligaments. A combination of strengthening and stretching not only combats adaptive muscle shortening, but also keeps connections strong, treating and preventing injury, improving functionality and longevity – keeping you riding for years to come.

Boost Speed, Strength, and Endurance

A healthy range of motion allows you to generate more power, as the speed at which proteins are synthesized in muscle fibers is improved.  This promotes efficiency, allowing you to ride faster, longer and with strong posture on the bike. 

Why do cyclists need to stretch?

Stretching is the best way to ensure your muscles stay flexible, strong and healthy. As cyclists, we need to maintain a healthy range of motion in the joints. 

Without stretching, muscles can become shortened and imbalanced over time and miles. Once muscles are no longer able to extend all the way, you are at risk of joint pain, strain and muscle damage. Incorporating a regular stretching and strength routine is the best way to enhance your cycling performance and allow your body to function efficiently. 

The Problem With Cycling Is...

Cycling is a low impact activity, which means it’s great for your joints, but not so great for supporting your bone density and postural deficits. Have you ever heard the expression “too much of a good thing?” Well, it’s unfortunately true of cycling.

As with any repetitive movement, the cycling motion can lead to imbalances in the body. Most common is the overdevelopment of the quads and glutes and the underdevelopment of the hamstrings and hip stabilizers. Cycling is also an activity that we do sitting - something most of us do far too much of. Proper posture and core strength become integral to prevent lower back pain and injury.

Mobility and strength training can help fill the gaps left cycling, and build stronger bones, improve coordination, prevent injury, and give you more power on the bike.

Cyclists have extremely well developed aerobic systems, but without strength and mobility the musculoskeletal system will eventually begin to break down. Studies have shown that it is a combination of aerobic exercise and mobility training that will have the maximum benefit for your health.

At Dynamic Cyclist, our focus is developing programs that not only having you riding your best, but feeling your best.


Dynamic Cyclist programming can help unlock your full potential by increasing your range of motion, strengthening supporting muscles and creating muscle balance.

Easy to follow videos led by coaches and athletics therapists. 

✔️ Daily Stretching & Mobility Routines - 15-20 minutes in length

✔️ Various levels of strength programs designed for cyclists 

✔️ Specific injury programs for Knee, Hip, and Low Back Pain 

✔️ Training Plans from Beginner to Gran Fondo


What Our Members Are Saying

"The best thing about the program is not having to worry whether I'm even doing the right thing! All I have to do is show up once a day and follow along, with the confidence that the routine is designed by people who know what they're talking about, leaving me to focus my mental energy elsewhere!"


"Since doing the mobility program I have noticed big improvements and no longer have low back pain. I have even been able to increase my average speed on my daily ride, have not felt any discomfort on long rides (+200km) and overall my body feels better!"

PABLO - Argentina

"This program is not just great for cycling- it is great for all daily activities! I love to do the routines every morning after wake up, I don’t need to think what to do, I don’t need to think if I am doing too much or not enough. I no longer have nagging pain and I don’t feel any pain after long ride on the bike - that's a great feeling!"

ARTUR - Poland


Dynamic Cyclist can help unlock your full potential by increasing your range of motion, strengthening supporting muscles and creating muscle balance.

  • Daily, easy to follow stretching videos
  • 15-25 minutes in length
  • Designed specifically for cyclists, by cyclists
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Access to ALL bonus programming

With the 7 day FREE trail you will have access to ALL Dynamic Cyclist content including: a 3 month strength training plan, 4 on the bike training plans, skills courses and yoga for cyclists.

We offer a simple, 30 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. If you're unhappy with the programming, simply email us, and we'll gladly refund you.