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When you sign up or login to your account you'll be taken to your membership area with 6 main categories: Stretching & Mobility, Strength Training, Injury Programming, Training Plans, Skills Courses, and Bonus Classes. Here's how to navigate each one, and make the most of your time.

ABOUT: The core of Dynamic Cyclist programming is the Stretching & Mobility program. This is an ongoing series of video routines, laid out in a monthly format. This program is meant to be be completed one routine per day, and will automatically reveal more months as you move through. 

HOW TO USE THIS PROGRAM: Complete one routine per day. Can be done at anytime, and makes a great cool down after a ride.

ABOUT: There are a few different options within the Strength Training program. These programs focuses on bringing muscle balance by working on stability and strengthening some of the supporting muscles that may be a weak link. These routines are 20-30 minutes in length, use minimal equipment, and are a great addition to your training. 

HOW TO USE THIS PROGRAM: 3 Routines per week, combine with stretching & mobility program and your own cycling training. 

ABOUT: Our Injury Programming is an area with various mini-programs that work to combine mobility and strength movements to tackle some of the most common cycling injuries. Although our regular daily program will help with many of these issues as well, these routines are focused and condensed. Programs include: Low Back Focus, Knee Focus, Pelvic Tilt, and Hip Focus. 

HOW TO USE THIS PROGRAM: Take a quick break from the daily program and strength training and complete one of our injury specific programs. One routine per day, for the length of the program (varies). 

ABOUT: This is where you´ll find any bonus routines or live classes. Try out some long form recovery routines, yoga, pilates for cyclists, and MORE. 

HOW TO USE THIS PROGRAM: Looking to switch things up? Pick a routine and follow along!


Dynamic Athletics began in 2017 with the creation of Dynamic Cyclist. Our team has grown over the past 3 years as we have worked with our members to provide ongoing injury prevention and training specific for cyclists. In 2020, we launched Dynamic Runner as a means of providing a similar service to runners. Our goal is to provide quality content from industry professionals in a form that is easy to use and experience results. 

Our Team is based in Kelowna, BC, Canada and is made up of a small group of athletic therapists, coaches, and weekend warriors who want to ride pain free! 


Meet Stephanie - Certified Athletic Therapist, CAT(C) and Certified Pilates Instructor

Stephanie has a Bachelor in Physical Health and Education as well as a Bachelor in Applied Health Sciences. She's been a certified Athletic therapist for 6 years working with everyone from professional athletes to the elderly. She's also a certified Pilates instructor. Her deep understanding of the body and her ability to clearly explain things is what made her perfect fit for our team. 

Meet Alisha - Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

Alisha is a Certified Personal Trainer and coach with Dynamic Cyclist. She works with athletes in a variety of sports to build functional strength and stability. You'll see her leading you through the strength training routines as well as some of the mobility routines. 

Meet Sarah - Content Director & Weekend Warrior 

Sarah has been running and cycling for as long as she can remember, completing her first full triathlon at age 12. In 2016 she completed her first Ultra Marathon, and experienced the start of a year long knee injury that kept her off the bike. This helped develop a passion for injury prevention, and she works behind the scenes of Dynamic Cyclist (she's the one behind the camera)!

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✔ Daily, easy to follow mobility videos

✔ 15 - 20 minutes in length

✔ 30% savings over monthly membership

 ✔ Instant access to ALL programming

 ✔ Lock in this low pricing for LIFE

✔ 7 Day FREE Trial





✔ Daily, easy to follow mobility videos

✔ 15 - 20 minutes in length

 ✔ Instant access to ALL programming

 ✔ Lock in this low pricing for LIFE

✔ 7 Day FREE Trial


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