Jasper Blake | Training Plan Coach

Jasper has been one of Canada’s most reputable endurance athletes for the past two decades. His accomplishments are numerous including 2006 Canada Ironman champion and dozens of professional wins as a triathlete. Jasper brings over twenty five years of real life experience to the programs he creates and delivers them within a structure that is easy to understand and makes sense.


Jordan Cheyne | Course Coach

Jordan combines vast experience with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia. Jordan has been a coach and cycling instructor for 10 years to dozens of endurance athletes. He is now preparing for the 2019 season as a part of one of North America’s premiere professional teams Elevate-KHS.

Allan Prazsky | Course Coach

Allan turned his first set of cranks in the mid-seventies, where a bike was his ticket to explore new. As a competitive athlete, professional racing took him throughout North America and Europe. Now retired from competition, he passes on his passion by coaching grassroots racers looking to climb the ladder of success.


Meet the Team

Dynamic Cyclist's goal is to create quality content that can serve as a resource to cyclists around the world. Based in Kelowna, BC, the Dynamic Cyclist Team is made up of cycling enthusiasts and industry professionals to bring well researched videos to our members.

Lee A. | CEO & Founder

The founder and creator of a long running cycling blog (, Lee has spent years working towards the goal of educating cyclists around the world. His passion for cycling is part of everything he does, and Dynamic Cyclist was born from the desire to provide everything cyclists need - all in one place. 

Sarah L. | Content Director

Sarah has been a part of the Dynamic Cyclist team from the beginning, bringing the vision to life through the creation of content. She is our camera wielding wordsmith who keeps things running smoothly, and communicates directly with our members to provide the best service possible. 

Sarah S. | Program Coordinator

Our program coordinator and local expert in all things Kinesiology, Sarah works to create Dynamic Cyclist's stretching and strength programs. Sarah also works one-on-one with endurance athletes to create efficient and effective plans.  

Alisha B. | Trainer

Alisha is a certified personal trainer who lives and breathes all things fitness and health. She is a trainer for both the stretching and strength programs, and loves hearing how these programs help cyclists. 

Adam L. | Trainer

Adam is a certified trainer and cycling enthusiast, and is also the voice of many of the Dynamic Cyclist programs. He loves working with clubs and teams to create a sense of community and a desire to improve. 

Dawn P. | Yoga Instructor

Dawn is an instructor and owner at Tandava Yoga in Kelowna, BC. She leads the Dynamic Cyclist Yoga Program with targeted sequencing for cyclists. 


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