Community Feature: Meet Anne Riesling

Mar 14, 2022

Anne is a former Equestrian turned cyclist on a mission to connect with others all over the world and inspire them to conquer their innermost dreams. Anne is currently training for two ambitious road cycling events named the Cent Cols Challenge. She plans to conquer the 6-day, 1,152kms, and 30,720m total climbing ride in the Northern Alps in July 2022 and the 10-day, 1,865kms, 47,620kms in the Pyrenees in September 2022.

Anne deeply believes in the power of human connection and began sharing her cycling journey through social media. Anne has a passion for story-telling, and by sharing her humble journey to the Cent Cols Challenge, Anne hopes to encourage others to also go after their personal, professional, and athletic dreams.

She wants to make the sport of cycling more inclusive and one which celebrates all levels of cyclists. Anne is a woman who is truly invigorated by making those around her better so that they can be their most expansive selves and be able to contribute to the world in a meaningful way. She has found that cycling has brought a myriad of benefits into her life from increasing her physical health, mental strength, and has had the opportunity to form deep and meaningful connections through sport.

Join Anne on her journey as she shares her heart and adventures through her profile on Instagram: @itsanneries and stay tuned for another post on her training load and how recovery (and Dynamic Cyclist) is an integral part of her training program!

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